omaish Bhambri-lyte

There are many reasons why someone might seek out a therapist and this initial process can seem daunting, scary and confusing.

You may feel stuck, aware something needs to change. Overwhelmed by something from your past or something that has occurred recently or suddenly in your life.

A confidential, impartial and safe space to express, explore, understand and connect with your thoughts and feelings might be just what you need right now. Allowing yourself to be heard in a professional and confidential space.  

Lytehouse Counselling Services

I work long and short term aiming to develop resilience and exploring your options for change.

I have experience working with:

    • Abuse
    • Agoraphobia
    • All types of addictions
    • Anger management
    • Anxiety
    • Attachment
    • Bereavement/Loss
    • Co-dependency
    • Depression
    • Eating disorders
    • Family origins
    • Health Anxiety
    • Identity
    • Loneliness
    • Low self-worth and self-esteem
    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
    • Panic Disorder
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    • Relationship problems
    • Shame
    • Social Anxiety
    • Spirituality
    • Stress
    • Substance misuse/ relapse prevention
    • Trauma

Free 50 minute introductory session by phone, online or in person. This will give us both the opportunity to see if we can work comfortably together, as I believe the working relationship is key to therapy.

My one-to-one services are available to adults in face-to-face sessions, on Zoom, by telephone or a Walk & Talk session in Bristol.

I am available for face-to-face sessions on weekdays during the daytime, and for telephone, walk and talk, and online sessions daytimes and evenings.

I can also offer group therapy sessions and workshops, which are educational, targeted towards well-being.

Services & Availability

"My role is to help you gain a greater understanding and awareness of yourself and the problems you have to face.
I will not tell you what to do but will encourage you to develop confidence in your ability to help yourself"

In 2007 I began my training as a counsellor & psychotherapist at Western Counselling Services.

I am a British man in my late 40’s. I was born in the South East of England, of Indian heritage and have been living in Bristol since 2008, where my wife and I have brought up our children. My home and therapy room are in Ashton, South Bristol.

Cooking is a passion of mine, along with cycling, pilates and yoga. Overall quality of life is important to me as well as psychological wellbeing.

I undertake regular clinical supervision, and adhere to a professional psychotherapy code of conduct. 

About Me

I began as a trainee counsellor in 2007, and have seen clients one-to-one, facilitated group therapy sessions and therapeutic / wellbeing / educational workshops ever since.

Before becoming a private therapist I worked for several organisations, such as Western Counselling services and Broadway Lodge, but also BDP in Bristol and Tomorrow’s People supporting people back into work.

Additional information
    • Enhanced DBS Certificate
    • Fully insured
    • GDPR secure


Let's talk...


Tel: 07886 349727

Lytehouse Counselling Services, 97 Smyth Road, Ashton, Bristol BS3 2DR

Let's talk...

Tel: 07886 349727

Lytehouse Counselling Services, 97 Smyth Road, Ashton, Bristol BS3 2DR

Thanks for getting in touch, we will get back to you soon. . .


 What formats of counselling do you offer?
        • One-to-One Counselling :
            - Face-to-face
            - Zoom
            - Telephone
            - Walk & Talk
Where does the counselling take place?
    • Private counselling room in Bristol
    • If you prefer being outside and connecting with nature, ‘Walk while we talk’ therapy provides another option.

How long are the sessions and how much do they cost?
    • First session 50 mins | Free
    • Daytime and evening: face to face and online sessions, 50 mins | £60
    • Walk and Talk therapy 50 mins | £60
    • Group therapy sessions and workshops
       90 mins | £150       Whole day | £250  

What if I change my mind?
    • If you change your mind after the first session, there is no charge or notice period.

What if I am sick and cannot attend?
    • If you or I are genuinely sick, then the session is not chargeable.

What if I am late?
    • I will see you for the remaining time of the session.